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Beautiful words stir my heart. I will recite a lovely poem about the king, for my tongue is like the pen of a skillful poet.

MY LOVE JOURNEY 1 (english)

Red-Rose-Pictures-Love (“Beautiful wedding and happily ever after”. Everyone wants it.
Such as the end of a fairy tale
Overstate? No.
No one wants the bitter ending.
However, there are many colors in life.
The result depends on how we will respond to all things with wisdom and a true heart.
The options are giving up in the half way
or even more tightly holding hands and overcome it all together.


For a wedding celebration, everyone always prepare everything seriously and do the best of which can be done. Every bride and groom imagined that the day would be a most memorable day of a lifetime. Standing and walking in front of the audience and families who look admiringly. All of it is a momentary event which will be framed forever in photos and videos, and once in a while, will watch to evoke a wonderful memory. But the beautiful wedding party and wonderful memory would not be enough to equip you in living of a lifetime marriage until death do.


The wedding party is just one day of the thousand days that you will go through with the person you choose to be with for the rest of your life!
The most important thing is who you married and how you live in your marriage


I am not a person who is competent to talk about marriage. I just wanted to share a bit of my twelve years marriage with beloved husband till now.


I am a wife who was very satisfied with my marriage. I am a very happy woman. Is my husband perfect? No. I could make a list of strengths and weaknesses of all his character. Whether my husband is very rich, so anything that I want always fulfilled? No. We build a marriage from an ordinary economic level, got up and fallen again, and started to rebuild it together. Whether my husband could understand my feelings always and never make a mistake? No. There were times of anger and conflict happens, so that tears should flow. Am I perfect? Definitely not! Then, what has made me happy? What have made us really enjoy our marriage?

I’m happy when we pray together in the morning and evening. I’m happy because both of us ever made mistakes, regret, repent and forgive each other. Our life becomes more meaningful because we face the problems of life together. We are happy because we are entrusting ourselves each other and learn to hear God’s voice in taking decisions. We are very happy because every day there is always a new love from the Lord, such as we have always been praying since started dating 19 years ago. We enjoy a sweet marriage not just because “I love you” which is spoken on the lips every day, but it was sincerely out of the heart.

I am happy because the simple things that we do together. Drink a cup of hot coffee in the morning, cook a simple meal and eat together, tell each other about funny things that happen everyday and laugh together, hand in hand in the mall, massaging each other when tired, and cut his white hair which began to grow in his head 🙂

To enjoy the marriage is not difficult. You can find the reason every day.


For a happy marriage does not have to have a big house and a luxury car. It was just supporting facilities. If you have it, be grateful. If you don’t have it or didn’t have it yet, be grateful. Because in reality, a lot of filthy rich couples but they were unhappy. Appreciate and enjoy all the simple things that your husband / wife do. Live with him/her like there was no tomorrow. Give a hug, a kiss, appreciation, understanding, compliment, support, nice advice, and all the best you can do. And if you already do wrong, say sorry…


“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” (Matthew 7:12) NIV


Above all things we can do, the important thing is to put the commitment of marriage in the Word of God.
Human commitment could not survive.
Human love easily changed.
Only God and His love could keep our marriage stronger
You just need to believe and be willing to coöperate with HIM.


Enjoy your marriage and JESUS BLESS YOU 🙂


By : Sella Irene – Beautiful Words

I dedicate this writing as our gratitude for God’s help and protection in the 12 years of our marriage and as a declaration that we believe the hand of God will continue to help and guide us to the end.

Also I dedicate this writing to my beloved best friend (Karina) who will soon marry the best man (Kevin). Father in heaven bless your marriage and accompany your family with HIS endless love. Amen.


I’m still learning to write in English. I’m sorry if many grammatical errors. Thank you



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10 comments on “MY LOVE JOURNEY 1 (english)

  1. A Servant
    March 18, 2014

    I have been happily married for 28 years. God blessed us with two children, now grown, who a faithfully following The Lord. I consider that our crowning achievement but the next transition is upon us, one is married and gone and soon our house will be back to two again.
    Marriage is a commitment between two people, it takes work, compromise and patience. Is it worth it? Absolutely!!!
    My best advice… Make God the center of your relationship and He will keep you.
    A Servant


    • Yes, Jesus is the center of it all, in my marriage also. Great and congratulation for 28 years of your marriage, I am happy for you. Thank you so much for reading. Jesus bless your family amazingly 🙂


  2. meghan vandusen
    March 4, 2014

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking it. You have a gift for words. I am jealous because I see that English is only one of your languages. God has blessed you. Keep sharing this with others. I particularly enjoyed reading about you and your marriage. I am so glad that you have found peace in your love relationship. So many people never get to where you are. I pray that the 12 years becomes 20, and then 30 and so on. Share your secrets. Meghan


    • Wow, seems your life is full of God’s grace. I think your mom is a Godly women 🙂
      I really thanks to you for reading my post and for your lovely and positive comments, i appreciated it. Amen for your praying for me, i pray it becomes to you as well. God bless you with peace, joy, hope, and protection. All the glory to
      God, amen.


  3. agung prasetyo
    February 25, 2014



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  5. Karina Susanto
    December 8, 2013

    My beloved sister in Christ. Thank you so much for dedicating your writing about married to me and Kevin. Kevin was read this article as well. We both really appreciate your great and awesome effort to write this such beautiful writting. It was an honor for me and Kevin. I am truly moved and thrilled read the journey of your marriage. 12 years..!! What a quite long journey. We will pray for you and Indra. Let God always embrace both of your life with His greatest loving kindness and always lead you in every step that you take. This is a great lesson for both of us. Once again thank you so much. This is a greatest wedding gift for us. God bless you and your fam. Send my warm regards to your husband Indra. I love you both. God bless you..


    • sellairene
      December 8, 2013

      My dear Karina, thank you so much for the wonderful prayer for our marriage. It meant to us. We also pray that all your expectations for your marriage becomes true and all of God’s plan for you and Kevin fulfilled in your marriage. Peace, grace, and happiness fall on you abundantly. We love you my beautiful Karin and Kevin. Success for your wedding party. We are happy for you and Kevin. Love and hugs :))


      • Karina Susanto
        December 8, 2013

        You are welcome,sissy. Thank for your prayer to my wedding. Blessings abundantly to you..


        • sellairene
          December 8, 2013

          You’re welcome 🙂 with my pleasure. And thank you for reading and the meaningful comments 😉


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